In line with our primary goal for 2020 of providing more content variation, we wanted to add an archive of miscellaneous material that should be useful for you. At the top of this list is creating an archive to make all of our previous eBooks, training manuals and handbooks available any time. From there, we wanted to simply share programming & assessment templates we use with our athletes, along with informative graphs and charts we've used for articles or other material. We encourage you to take anything you find informative or applicable here and integrate it with your own touch.


The training menus are designed to examine or highlight a specific training focus (i.e. rehabilitative strength for the hips) using a combination of written discussion and video content. These are essentially “mini articles” with an attached video bank to condense the required reading time for the viewer. The empirical goal being to provide a quick shot of informative content in a digestible manner. There will be a wide and eclectic variety of content found in these menus.


Ok, we’ll admit it, getting your remote coaching/programming presence established is a little more difficult than we originally expected. In fairness, you are taking somewhat of a blind leap of trust to purchase a training program from someone you’ve never met. Nevertheless, the microdose programs are designed to bridge the trust gap by providing a direct sample of what our programming looks and feels like. These will always be free 4-week programs fully equipped with video hyperlinks for each exercise, and also have a specific focus (i.e. Eccentric Emphasis program). The microdose programs can also be helpful as add-on programs to your current training split and can be used to help address specific weaknesses or deficiencies.  


A growing archive of eBooks, training manuals, and handbooks that we have published over the years. We wanted to make these readily accessible for all of our subscribers, as some may have missed original release dates.




An archive of some of our infographic content included in articles and otherwise. This material is a great representation of training content we value and find significance in.


A sampling of some of the templates we use in our programming and assessment protocols. These will be made available for you to download and utilize as you see fit. In addition, we will have a growing archive of general parameters and addendum's that are designed to help improve specific areas of training or address a specific need.

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