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Training Menus & Exercise Libraries

A preemptive goal for Rude-Rock moving into our second year is to expand the amount and type of content we produce, in hopes that it will allow us appeal to a wider audience. Candidly, much of this entire operation has been an experiment on the fly, and we are going to continue to refine the wheel until we know we’ve gotten it right. As such, the training menus, exercise libraries, and microdose programs are all new features added to the site in efforts to achieve this goal. Take a look below for more details on each.

TRAINING MENUS (free content)

The training menus are designed to examine or highlight a specific training focus (i.e. rehabilitative strength for the hips) using a combination of written discussion and video content. These are essentially “mini articles” with an attached video bank to condense the required reading time for the viewer. The empirical goal being to provide a quick shot of informative content in a digestible manner. There will be a wide and eclectic variety of content found in these menus.


Last year we offered our exercise library as a complete, all-encompassing product and candidly it was not what we expected it to be. After some reconsideration, we felt breaking the libraries up into special focus groups would be more conducive for the consumer by providing flexibility to purchasing options. Additionally, the libraries will  now include more sophisticated and advanced variations and will be presented with context and cueing. The hope is that by providing more commentary and context to our libraries, they will be better suited to integrate directly into your training.


Ok, we’ll admit it, getting your remote coaching/programming presence established is a little more difficult than we originally expected. In fairness, you are taking somewhat of a blind leap of trust to purchase a training program from someone you’ve never met. Nevertheless, the microdose programs are designed to bridge the trust gap by providing a direct sample of what our programming looks and feels like. These will always be free 4-week programs fully equipped with video hyperlinks for each exercise, and also have a specific focus (i.e. Eccentric Emphasis program). The microdose programs can also be helpful as add-on programs to your current training split and can be used to help address specific weaknesses or deficiencies.