For most people the challenge isn't working out, but rather, how to plan or progress their training that typically ends up becoming the barrier. The lack of training variation and progression often leads to staleness or training plateaus, which then de-incentivizes your gym routine. I’m not going to undermine myself or my profession here for the sake of marketing, but there is a place for base-template programs when it comes to training. In other words, specialized or individual programming may not be entirely necessary for everyone in the grand scheme of things. Insert, our remote programming options.


The goal with our remote programming is simply to provide quality training to a wide spectrum of athletes. Each program, which is fully equipped with hyperlinks for every exercise, was carefully constructed with a specific training focus in mind. We have three layers of programs for both the S&C options: base, developmental, and performance. The benefit to this is that no matter your training level or ability, there is something that should fit your needs. Scroll down to see more details on our available options.


With the ever-growing evolution of technological development, remote exercise programming is becoming more streamlined and capable than ever before. We have been doing remote programming, in some form or fashion, for years. No matter the steps and measures we’ve taken to achieve success , it always seemed to fall short. The difficulty in programming remotely has nothing to do with the exercise modality or selection; rather, the limiting factor is inherently exercise comprehension and athlete adherence. 


Our individualized programs will be equipped with video hyperlinks for every  exercise you see in your program. These videos will have both a front and side view of the exercise to give you a complete view of the movement. Additionally, suggested weights and training notes throughout your program help put you the best position to achieve success with your training. Gone are the days of trying to decipher exercise terminologies, understanding nomenclature or nuances, or trying to find exercises on your own. The hyperlinks embedded in your program are direct links to our brand new YouTube page to provide to make demo videos viewable damn near anywhere you can train. Click on the link to the left for more information on our remote coaching.


-3 days/wk. (9-weeks)

-Linear Model


The base programs are constructed using a simple linear periodization model with a progressive overload intensity scheme. This option is probably best fit for those who have a reasonable training history, enjoy going to the gym, and are just looking for some improvements and perhaps just something new. Base programs are also a good option for those who have established a decent training foundation, but are now looking to take their workouts to a new level.


-4 days/wk. (9-weeks)

-Weekly Undulating Model


The developmental programs are intended for the group who take training a little more seriously. In this, you will see increased training frequency, increased volume, more physiologically strenuous and challenging methods, and more exercise variation. The undulating model applied in these programs is utilized to introduce a quicker turnover in training stimuli, which is theoretically more demanding on the body. These options are perfectly suited for those who may not have something in particular you’re training for, but really love to get after it in the gym.

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