Rude Rock Remote is a monthly online training program guiding highly active adults to train like athletes without destroying their bodies or spending hours in the gym!  

Are you tired of the same routine?

Do you like to train hard but are worried you'll injure yourself? 

Do you feel pressed for time during your workout?

Do you want to take the thinking out of your training? 

Do you need someone to hold you accountable?


Rude Rock Remote does all this and more! 

Rude Rock Remote is unlike any other online template based program. This is Virtual Training with a Human Touch. 

"I love how it's so mindfully put together that I can mindlessly do it.  that's what is so great about the programs. I fell off for so long, but getting back into training with the program really takes the guess work out of it." - Katie M., Former Lacrosse athlete

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A Dynamic programming model focusing on: 
strength, power, conditioning, and mobility

Designed for former college and high school athletes, adults who live an active lifestyle, and coaches who don't want to program for themselves. 

Each workout is designed to take 60 minutes, including warm-up!

Perfect for:
Commercial Gyms
Garage Gyms

Comes with program instruction

an equipment and exercise substitution list
and opportunity to consult directly with coaches via zoom

All exercise videos are hyperlinked 
Weekly programs mailed out every
Join at any time!! 

Try a FREE week training sample

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  • Rude Rock Remote

    Every month
    No contracts, No commitments
    • Program delivered weekly
    • 2 total body strength days
    • 2 total body conditioning days
    • 60 minutes workouts
    • Exercise and intensity weekly progression
    • Includes free copy of Pre & Post Training Strategies eBook
    • All exercises are video hyperlinked
    • Exercise and equipment substitution options
    • Access to coaches for any questions or concerns

Your plan will renew on the same day each month. You may cancel at anytime. Please send us an email to info@ruderockstrength to confirm you cancellation.

The Rude Rock team is by far one of the best coaching teams available remotely. From being a better athlete to a better coach RRSC has you covered. The training and support are top quality and the resources they offer are also extremely helpful (if you choose to utilize them)! Rude Rock has been a pillar in my success as a coach and as a tactical athlete. I’ve been with the RRSC team for about 2.5/3 years now and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you’re looking for real performance training that doesn’t just crush you every session but, instead builds you to more results over time, reach out to the team and you won’t need to look back. 100/10 Highly recommend!! - Tom M, Current Coach/Tactical athlete

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