RFS, our 4th installment to the growing Restorative eBook series, is a comprehensive handbook with an array of dynamic content. Comprised of over 3 hours of power point voiceovers, 5 independent articles, hundreds of videos, and graphics, this product is intended to impart training philosophies, applications, and biomechanical considerations as they relate to the foot, ankle, and lower leg. While this is primarily written for coaches, physical therapists, and our respective peer group, athletes and training enthusiasts should find tremendous value in this handbook as well.


This handbook also includes an adjacent 6-week ankle/foot/calf specific program. This program is fully equipped with hyperlinks, program instructions, and options for modification. Although it is written from a restorative perspective (i.e. coming off injury), I would argue that it would be beneficial and pragmatic for blending with regular training for healthy populations as well. The program is written for 3 days/wk. where each session should take ~35-50 minutes.

Restorative Foot Series

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