Restorative Shoulder Series is the second installment in the Restorative eBook Series. A collaborative effort from fellow strength coaches Tim Kelly and Nicole Foley and Athletic Trainer Jeremy Aspa.

Who’s this for:
-Written by strength coaches, an Oly coach and an Athletic Trainer with the intent to speak to our peer group. This IS comprehensive, however, so those who don’t have technical background can still follow throughout.
-Our aim was to examine a litany of shoulder injuries and describe how to return to full health through strength training and therapeutic modalities.
-Also cover a good bit for simple shoulder health, function and maintenance for those who aren’t injured.

What’s included:
-90 page eBook w/ over 5 hours of video content embedded throughout
-100+ exercise videos (demos and breakdowns)
-6 wk training program fully embedded with hyperlinks

Restorative Shoulder Series eBook

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