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Remote Programming

We have added  to our base program options by introducing our developmental and performance programs. As these are progressively more demanding and challenging programs, there is a wide spectrum of options available. Whether you're an athlete with a specific training focus, injured with a specific demand, or just love training and looking for something new, our program flexibility can provide what you need.

Individual coaching is currently available as well. For our remote coaching, we take pride in working to do everything we can to minimize the gaps between remote and in person coaching. As such, initiation interview/assessment via Skype/FaceTime, technique reviews, and weekly communication are all areas of emphasis for us.

All programs are fully embedded with hyperlinks for every exercise found. We also have moved our videos over to YouTube to ensure there are no limitations or restrictions for viewing.

Training Menus | eBooks | Free Content

A primary goal for RRSC as we venture into our second year of operation is to expand and diversify the type of content we publish. We never want information gaps to be the barrier, and as such want to work to appeal to a broader audience.


The foremost addition will be our training menus which will be designed to emphasize particular training deficits such as tempo focus strength training or overhead accessories for Olympic weightlifting. The added benefit to the training menus is that it will give you the opportunity to sample our remote programming model, which includes video links for every exercise.

In addition,  every eBook, training manual, and handbook we've ever published will now be made available for download. This will be a growing archive that will always be available to you for free. Lastly, we will also be making  an array of templates, charts, and infographs available for download as well.

What People Are Saying!

I was a 43 year old 330lb morbidly obese man who couldn’t walk across the parking lot to fast without injuring an ankle or knee. When Nicole started working with me. Within in a year I ran/ walked a half marathon. Within two I actually hiked part of the Appalachian trail. Nicole was intelligent and compassionate enough to organize a training plan for me while working around my physical challenges. Its simple do as she tells you and you’ll get the results you want without getting hurt. She’s a good trainer and a good friend.

-Casey Szweczak

More About US

Rude-Rock Strength & Conditioning is a collaborative operation co-founded by Danny and Nicole Foley designed to provide quality information pertaining to strength and conditioning and Olympic weightlifting. Danny and Nicole are both CSCS and USAW-certified strength coaches who collectively have over 14 years of experience in the S&C and Olympic weightlifting realms. The overarching goal of Rude-Rock Strength & Conditioning is to use our independent expertise in S&C and Olympic Weightlifting, respectively, to provide wholesome content intended for audiences of all knowledge and ability levels. Through a complimentary balance of articles, videos, and individualized programming our mission is to provide current, pragmatic content to enhance your general knowledge and ultimately your performance in the gym.

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