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Restorative Hip Strength and Function

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10 Landmine Variations

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Remote Programming


3 Days/wk. (9 weeks)


-Emphasis on foundational movements and training applications

-Moderate volume and moderate intensities

-Hyperlinks for every exercise

-Easy to follow program templates with thorough explanation

-8 program options to choose from



4 days/wk. (9 weeks)


-Emphasis on developing proficiency with applied training methods

-Moderate-high training volume and  intensities are found in these

-Hyperlinks for every exercise

-Easy to follow program templates with thorough explanation

-8 program options to choose from


Designed to your specification

(Variable pricing)

-Programs can be adapted to fit your specific training needs

-Recommended option for those who have extensive injury histories or specific training goals

-Includes Face Time/Skype intake assessment and halfway check

-Video analysis by request



-The microdose programs are designed to bridge the trust gap by providing a direct sample of what our programming looks and feels like.

-These will always be free 4-week sample programs fully equipped with video hyperlinks for each exercise

-Can also be used as add-on programs to your current training split, or used to help address specific weaknesses/plateaus.  


-Designed to examine or highlight a specific training focus (i.e. rehabilitative strength for the hips) using a combination of written discussion and video content.

-Overall goal being to provide a quick shot of informative content in a digestible manner.

-There will be a wide and eclectic variety of content found in these menus.

eBooks & Manuals

-An archive of featured products and personal projects we've put together over the years

-Collectively over 3,000 downloads in our first year across 40+ countries!

-The content covers a variety of topics, intended to appeal to a wide audience

Graphics & Templates

-An assortment of items we've developed for eBooks, articles, and some just for the hell of it

-Easy to download content that can be implemented into your study material

-Universal templates that can be added to assessment or programming routines

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