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“Rude Rock” literally translates to our two dogs, Rudy and Rocky. Rudy, a vibrant nine-year-old white lab mix attacks each day with overwhelming joy and enthusiasm. Rudy, a craigslist baby was a complete surprise 21st birthday gift. Having raised him since he was just six-weeks old, Rudy has been so much more than just a dog for Danny and Nicole and has really been the underpinning to our family. Rocky, a thirteen-year-old German Shepherd/Border Collie mix has been in the Foley family since Danny was 17 years old. Having been apart from Rocky for about five years when away for college, Rocky was reintroduced into our lives by happenstance, or perhaps a stroke of fate. Following an extensive knee surgery, Danny’s mom asked if we could take care of him for a few weeks while she recovered. But after seeing how seamlessly he and Rudy got along, instantly forming a truly special bond in a matter of just a couple of days we knew this wouldn’t be a temporary endeavor. Thereafter, the foundation of our family had been solidified and the four of us have become inseparable ever since.


Rude Rock, although admittedly may be a bit corny for some, possesses a tremendously deep sentiment for us. Aside from both being avid dog lovers, we have discovered so much more about each other and ourselves through these two. From the lowest of lows, to the highest of highs our boys have been with us stride for stride each and every step of the way. They have invariably been the epitome of unconditional love, fulfillment of joy, and thrill seekers we have undoubtedly needed in our lives. To that end, we felt their inclusion on this endeavor was the perfect mantra to what we hope to accomplish through this medium.

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