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I was a 43 year old 330lb morbidly obese man who couldn’t walk across the parking lot to fastwithout injuring an ankle or knee. When Nicole started working with me. Within in a year I ran/ walked a half marathon. Within two I actually hiked part of the Appalachian trail. Nicole was intelligent and compassionate enough to organize a training plan for me while working around my physical challenges. Its simple do as she tells you and you’ll get the results you want without getting hurt. She’s a good trainer and a good friend.

-Casey S./Current personal training client

After interviewing 5 personal trainers, Nicole was the only one who saw past cardio as the first line of defense. It resonated with me and she stood out as a motivated professional with a real mastery of Nutrition and physical fitness. We scheduled an initial assessment session, she made recommendations and structured a plan to fit my timeline teaching me new processes and techniques for maximum results. After achieving such amazing results, I levied additional challenges, I told her "I want to compete in powerlifting", she developed a competition training strategy helping me increase my strength by 200% while reducing my body fat by 6%.  She takes a genuine interest in your fitness goals by creating customized programming to keep you pushing your limits. I strongly recommend training with Nicole to start elevating yourself to the next level, whether you are into Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit or getting back into fitness. She broke me out of my routine/comfort zone and has helped me achieve goals I thought were out of reach.  I find it best to put away the cell phone, take off my watch and have a bottle of water handy. It gets tough but she will get your mindset right for the lift at hand. When the workout is over you will be thankful and amazed at what you have accomplished because she won't let you be mediocre. It is clear to see why she is respected by peers and athletes alike. It's been well over a year since the initial assessment and I look forward to what the next year will bring.

-Pablo O. / Former personal training client

In April of 2018 I was diagnosed with two herniated discs (L2 & L4). Preceding that, I had suffered from hip & back pain for about 4 years, and had a constant shooting pain through my sciatic nerve. I began working remotely with Danny in around May and following a brief description of my symptoms he identified that I had very weak musculature surrounding my spine (glutes/core/hips) and set me up with a training program to remedy these imbalances. I've now gone through two 9-week programs since my diagnosis and have been almost 100% pain free the entire time. Not only has my back pain subsided, but along the way I've added about 20 lbs. of lean muscle and dropped a good bit of body fat. I can't recommend his coaching strongly enough.

-Eric J. / High School Football Coach, former athlete

I started working with Nicole about a year ago. I was coming off of a broken back and just getting started back in the gym again after being cleared by physical therapy. I had put on 50+ lbs and was extremely out of my comfort zone in the gym but knew that I needed to be leaner and strong in order to keep my spine healthy. I had done some basic free weight routines in the past but nothing fancy and was still in a great deal of daily pain from the damage to my back. Nicole is so patient, smart, dynamic, caring, and genuinely loves her job. There are no cookie cutter programs here. She has programmed and reprogrammed and changed things around from week to week, sometimes from session to session as needed for my pain threshold and based on how my spine felt as we tried new things. We have done rehab based programming, powerlifting style programming, endurance programming, and now she is teaching me Olympic weightlifting! She is always open to questions and input so her programming is 100% customized to you. If she doesn’t know the best answer for you she will do research until she is satisfied that she can answer fully. Currently my level of daily pain has substantially decreased, I’m stronger than I have ever been, and my confidence is coming back. I can’t thank her enough for the time and effort she has invested in me thus far and I can’t wait to see how far I can go in the future. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking to get involved in improving their health and fitness in any capacity!

-Laura D. / Current personal training client

Due to the nature of my work, travel is a routine part of my life and often to remote areas with little or no gym equipment making it very difficult for me to sustain a regular training program. I began working with Danny in 2016 following a major shoulder surgery. After about 3 months of working together in person, Danny continued to write me training programs remotely. The remote programs are second to none. They are streamlined and effective, allowing me to continue my training and shoulder rehab seamlessly. Physical performance is the forefront of my job, and I feel stronger and more durable than I have in years since I began working with Danny.

-“Dave”- United States Special Forces

Danny listens, understands, and genuinely cares for the people he works with. He tailors my workouts based not only on my physical abilities, but my mental state as well. He is a consummate professional and I cannot recommend him highly enough for health and wellness services.

-Suz- Former personal training client

Working with Nicole through her remote programming has been amazing. I have been working with her for about a year using 12 week programs at a time and I do not get bored with the changes she puts in for each. I started working with her after a significant hip injury requiring surgery and a long recovery and my strength and form is better and the weights are the sane again, and I can say I wouldn’t have gotten there without Nicole’s help. I would definitely recommend her programming to anyone , as she really caters to the needs of each person.

-Dagny R.- Remote client since 2018

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