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Do you prefer to train in-person? For those living in the Virginia Beach or Dallas/Fort Worth areas we offer in-person training options for our athletes. All contracts are a 3 month commitment.











Complete the form below and you will receive an email from your coach to set-up your initial assessment. From there, we will orchestrate your program from scratch and tailor fit the program to meet your specific physiological and biomechanical needs and training goals.

For Remote sessions, our Virtual Athlete Handbook will be included to detail some of the nuances found in your program along with our 
Pre & Post Training Strategies eBook.


We will be available to answer questions via email or you can request a Zoom call via the Calendly link found in your program.

Dallas/Forth Worth

  • 90 min. sessions

    • 60 min. training​

    • 30 min. recovery (Infrared sauna, Normatec boots etc..)

  • Coach Options:

    • Danny​

    • Nicole

  • 4x/week Training Options:
    • ​​3 (remote) + 1 (in person) $400​
    • 2 (remote) + 2 (in person) $600
    • ​​1 (remote) + 3 (in person) $800

Virginia Beach

  • 2 hour training package

    • 60 min. training​

    • 60 min. restoration (Pre-hab, dry needling, cupping etc.. all done with our board certified Athletic Trainer)

  • Coach Options:

    • Jeremy

    • Chipper

  • 4x/week Training Options:
    • ​​1 (remote) + 3 (in person) $350

Let's Train. I want to set up an initial assessment!


Thank you! A Coach will reach out shortly.

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