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Most people want to train hard, but don't know how.

They think they need to spend hours in the gym. Or that a good workout equates to destroying their bodies.  


Stop exhausting yourself with redundant, default workouts, keeping your progress stagnant.

We want to show you there is a smarter more efficient way to train. 


So let us take away the thinking variable and optimize your training! Check out our online coaching and in person training options below!

In Person Coaching

  • Various coaching packages

  • Dallas/Fort Worth and Virginia Beach areas

  • Athlete assessment

  • Pre & Post Training Strategies eBook included

  • Pricing options vary

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 6.37.41 PM.png

Personalized Programming

  • Individualized online programming

  • 3-5 days a week

  • Program delivered through the Team Buildr app

  • Athlete virtual assessment

  • Pre & Post Training Strategies eBook included

  • Coach consultation and video analysis available

  • $150 month, 3 month commitment

Rude Rock Remote

  • Online templated monthly programming

  • Program delivered weekly via the Team Buildr app

  • 2 Strength days and 2 Conditioning days

  • Pre & Post Training Strategies eBook Included

  • Coach consultation available

  • $50/month, no contracts


One Time Purchase Programs

  • 12 week programs

  • 4 days a week

  • All exercises video linked

  • Warm-up and recovery scripts included

  • Coach consultation available

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