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Dive deep into the intricate world of fascial anatomy and its profound impact on movement.

Explore force plate analysis and discover how it correlates with different structures of the body.

Learn invaluable insights on how to consider fascia in injury rehabilitation and prevention strategies.

This course is a fusion of diverse perspectives and real world experiences, offering a comprehensive view of fascial mechanics like never before. 

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What can you expect?

Over 21 hours of video content. Divided into 4 dynamic sections

   - Lecture Series: In this section, we provide a good body of evidence on how fascial tissue contributes to movement and injury, and why that matters for your athletes.

   - Practical Series: This section provides 30-50 minute webinar style videos that include an abundance of video demonstrations to show the fascial anatomy discussed in section 1 for how it applies to training and injury restoration. 

   - Audible Series: In the podcast style section, we sit down with 7 world renowned leading experts in their respective fields to discuss their perspective on fascia training and how they utilize it with their athletes and patients. 

   - Applied Series: Also known as our coach POV section. This is an opportunity to observe like you’re on the floor with us by giving direct access to a variety of training sessions with Danny Foley. 

Join us in reshaping the future of human performance. Embrace the fusion of practicality, philosophy, and research driven expertise. With periodic updates and additions this course is a dynamic resource that evolves with you.  

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