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  • Football In season Maintenance
    • Difficulty/Who is this for: This program is intended for football athletes ranging from high school to pro and provide an in-season training script to help keep you durable and healthy throughout the season. In this program, you will see a good blend of recovery/restoration modalities along with total body strength movements designed to keep your connective tissue and nervous system as fresh as possible. This program is also perfect for high school sport coaches who do not have a designated S&C coach to provide quality programming for your athletes.
    • Target outcomes:
      • Address common soft tissue injuries accrued throughout the season.
      • Emphasizes foot, ankle, and hamstring health & strength.
      • Decrease nagging pains and overstressing the joints.
    • Time/Equipment Demands:
      • 12 week program | 3 days/wk.
      • 30-45 min. sessions
      • Required equipment: Turf space (~15m), Landmine, Barbell, DB/KB, MB’s, Hex Bar, TRX, full band set, soft tissue tools (foam roller, tennis ball, lax ball).

Football In Season Restoration

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