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Are you a football skill player ready to take your game to the next level? Look no further! Our Football Skill program is the ultimate offseason training solution for offensive and defensive skill players, designed to enhance your performance across all facets of the game.


Who is this program for:

Tailored for offensive and defensive skill players in the HS-college age group, this program is your key to unlocking your full potential during the offseason. Crafted with precision, it caters to athletes with little-to-no injury history or medical conditions, serving as a standalone program or seamlessly integrating with your existing school or offseason training.


What to Expect:

Embark on a 12-week journey with a 4x/week training split. Witness the evolution of your skills as the program guides you through cycles ranging from aerobic conditioning and muscular endurance to the pinnacle of pure strength, power, and speed training modes.


Here's the playbook for your success:

  • Improve Functional Capacity and General Strength: Elevate your on-field prowess with enhanced overall strength and functional capacity.
  • Enhance Non-Linear Strength and Speed: Dominate the field with improved agility, non-linear strength, and lightning-fast speed.
  • Strengthen Core, Foot, and Ankle: Fortify your core, boost foot and ankle strength, and redefine your ability to bend and maneuver on the turf.


Time Demands/Equipment:

We respect your time commitments. Our program seamlessly integrates into your schedule with a 4x/week commitment, and the equipment requirements are standard, making it an easy fit alongside other training programs.


Join the Rude Rock Football Skill Program revolution and gear up for a season of greatness. 

Football Off Season: Skill Players

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