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  • Hybrid Athlete Program
    • Difficulty/Who is this for: The Hybrid Athlete Program is designed for intermediate-advanced athletes as an off-season program. While this is serviceable for athletes of any sport, this program is particularly effective for football athletes. In this program, you will work through a range of training modes and parameters, covering from strength-hypertrophy to speed-power mesocycles. Customary to our programming principles, this program is intended to help athletes move and feel better while performing at a high level. This is significantly different than the conventional sport based programming which predominantly challenges overload principles. Conversely, this program will emphasize improving your ability to move through a wide range of positions, ranges, and vectors, while focusing on improving your ability to connect the body from feet to fingertips.
    • Target outcomes:
      • Improve total body power, strength, and speed.
      • Improve stability, unilateral strength, and total body flexibility.
      • Prime the body for the rigorous demands of in-season sport.
    • Time/Equipment Demands:
      • 8 week program | 4 days/wk.
      • 50-75 min. sessions
      • Required equipment: Turf space (~15m), Landmine, Barbell, DB/KB, MB’s, Hex Bar, Box/Bench, Cable Stack, TRX, full band set.

Hybrid Athlete Program

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