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Are you ready to transform your performance on the field? The "In the Trenches" program is meticulously crafted for offensive and defensive linemen entering their offseason. Whether you're a high school standout or a college athlete, get ready to elevate your game through a dynamic 12-week journey that integrates conditioning, strength, power, and mobility training.


Who is this program for:

Tailored for offensive and defensive linemen in the HS-college age group, our program is the go-to choice for those gearing up for their offseason grind. Built with precision, it's perfect for athletes with little-to-no injury history or medical conditions, serving both as a standalone program and a potent addition to your existing school or offseason training.


What to Expect:

Dive into a 12-week program featuring 4x/week training splits. Throughout the cycles, we'll guide you seamlessly from aerobic conditioning and muscular endurance training to the pinnacle of pure strength, power, and speed training modes.


Here's the game-changing lineup:

  • Improve Aerobic Capacity and Shed Excess Body Fat: Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to a leaner, more agile you.
  • Increase Functional Strength and Power: Unleash the force within, dominating every play with newfound strength and power.
  • Enhance Mobility: Elevate your game with improved hip and t-spine mobility, fortified foot and ankle strength, and enhanced flexibility.


Time Demands/Equipment:

Designed with your schedule in mind, our program seamlessly integrates into your routine. Standard equipment requirements ensure accessibility, making it easy to merge with other programs.


Join the "In the Trenches" revolution and redefine your athletic prowess. Your journey to gridiron excellence starts here, the Rude Rock way!

Football Off Season: In The Trenches

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