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Are you an athlete eager to conquer the field once more, or someone who is tired of relentless chronic foot and ankle pain?


Unlock Your Full Athletic Potential with Our Revitalizing Foot and Ankle Recovery Program!


Who Is This Program For?

Designed for both athletes and individuals alike, our Foot and Ankle Recovery Program is a lifeline for those returning from foot and ankle injuries or dealing with persistent pain. This program is your personalized path to recovery and rejuvenation.


What's Inside?

Our program boasts a unique blend of isolated joint mobilization, soothing soft tissue applications, and targeted strengthening exercises. Your body will thank you as we guide you towards a pain-free, vibrant existence.


While this program excels as a stand-alone late-phase rehabilitation regimen, it's also the perfect complement to your conventional training. Consider it your secret weapon to catapult your performance to new heights.


Remember, this program should only be undertaken once you've completed conventional physical therapy. It's not a substitute but an extension of early-phase rehab, designed to make your journey back to the game seamless. Always consult your physician or physical therapist before starting this program.


Our program is your key to:

  • Banishing nagging pains and preventing joint overexertion.
  • Reintegrating the injured area back into your body's harmonious function.
  • Elevating your local strength, enhancing neuromuscular performance, and improving the quality of your soft tissues.


Time and Equipment Demands:

  • 6 week 3x/week program
  • Training sessions lasting around 45 minutes each 
  • You'll need a turf space of approximately 15 meters, a landmine, barbell, dumbbells/kettlebells, medicine balls, hex bar, TRX, a full set of resistance bands, and various soft tissue tools (foam roller, tennis ball, lacrosse ball).


Don't wait any longer!


Take the first step on your journey to recovery and peak performance. Unleash your true potential with our Foot and Ankle Recovery Program. 

Restorative Foot and Ankle Program (RTP)

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