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Feel Everything, Fear Nothing

Life never gets easier.

Some just get a little better a managing it as they age.

Others get consumed by it. Collapsing under the inundating pressure and the unmitigated chaos. These are the ones who slip into self-victimization, always feeling as if they are on the defensive with life.

Very few capitalize on the growth that is intertwined with struggle. But for those who are able to sustain and eventually get ahead, are the ones who ultimately separate from the pack.

In order to be timeless, you must be able to maintain your presence.

We all have the same 24, so what separates us? My theory? Most are barricaded by their emotions. Living their lives overtly focused on how they feel at this very moment, irrespective of how it may affect the time after. Compromising what could be for what temporarily is. This leads to overwhelming indifference to anything that stretches beyond immediacy. Living for the moment, rather than in the moment.


There is no wrong feeling, only mismanagement in expression. Most people deter themselves from thought, not because they aren’t curious or inquisitive, but because thought prompts emotion, and emotion provokes fear. As such, most cope through mindlessness, because no thought will inherently be the least threatening.


Immerse yourself in your emotions. Know them, learn them. Grab them, hold them. Understanding yourself on a very deep level is an uncomfortable excursion; but it’s worth it. Become too focused on the outcomes to allow your emotions to drown you. While you recognize them and understand them, they don’t control you, they guide you. Emotions are facilitators, promoting action when channeled correctly. Weaponize them, know how to suppress and amplify your emotions. Emotional harmony is a driver of resonance, and resonance is a dangerous weapon.

Emotions are our reminder that we are alive. Never compromise who you are for what others want. Never settle for the sake of your own comfort, because on the other side of unknown is often what you didn’t know you could become.

Feel everything, fear nothing.

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